Mutation specific biosensors to accelerate drug development

KinCon biolabs is a biotech startup based in Innsbruck Austria. We develop a constantly expanding platform of unique live-cell activity biosensors.

Our Mission

Precision medicine
Reviving enzymes
KinCon biolabs advances the identification of the most efficient, mutation-specific drug candidates to accelerate drug development.
We are setting out to reactivate compartmentalized and mutated enzyme pathways to identify first in class treatments for neurodegenerative disorders.


Profiling Kinase Conformations


patient mutations
drug selectivity
drug efficacy
> 500 kinases
Kinases are central molecular switches. Mutations in kinase encoding genes contribute to the etiology and progression of cancer and other diseases. There is a constant need for novel effective  kinase-specific drugs.
The KinCon biosensor platform allows the tracking of drug-induced changes of the kinase conformation under physiological relevant conditions.
  • Kinase activity measurements in living cells

    Full-length kinase biosensors are expressed in the target cell-line of choice.
  • Simple integration of patient mutations for precision medicine

    Any mutation of interest can be integrated into the respective biosensor to determine mutation specific drug (candidate) efficacies and specificities.
  • Systematic analysis

    Our technology allows dose- and time-dependent drug profiling in a high content format.

Behind the scenes

Meet the KinCon biolabs Team
Eduard Stefan
Eduard Stefan
CEO | Co-Founder
Edi is the inventor of the KinCon technology, holds a PhD in genetics and brings more than 15 years of experience in studying the functions of various kinases. He is a group-leader in the department of biochemistry at the University of Innsbruck.
Philipp Tschaikner
Philipp Tschaikner
CSO | Co-Founder
Philipp holds a PhD in molecular cell-biology. He is responsible for steering the development of the biosensor platform and implementing our customer-projects.
Alexandra Fritz
Alexandra Fritz
Lab Assistant
Alex holds a master’s degree in biotechnology and is responsible for most of the benchwork at KinCon biolabs.

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Tracking and blocking interdependencies of cellular BRAF-MEK oncokinase activities

October 2022

Resistor: An algorithm for predicting resistance mutations via Pareto optimization over multistate protein design and mutational signatures

April 2021

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KinCon biolabs GmbH is a University of Innsbruck spin-off company supported by funding from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) Spin-off Fellowship and Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) Preseed program.
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